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About Millstone Hills

Each Hole Will Bring You Something Different

Your round begins on #1 with a tree lined dog leg right Par 4 that ranges at a mediocre 345 yards
but come to a narrow green with bunkers on the left and pond off the right makes no room for

On hole #3, Par 5 from the white tees you need a 210 yard carry to get it over the hazard or hit a
100 yard layup shot short. Or for the back tee players, the Blue tee is a 280 yard carry or a 165
yard layup. Once you navigate over the hazard your next shot will need to get over a creek
before you get to the scenic green.

Hole #5 features a long uphill double dog leg left to a unique square shaped green. Careful
golfers can play this as a three shot Par 5, or the riskier golfers can try to cut over the corner to
try and take on this square green in two. With trees lining both sides of the fairway and water
lurking on the left, it’s a make-or-break kind of hole.

Hole's #7 8 9 10 11 will be your breath of fresh air before heading into the meat of the golf

#7 starts at a short 299 yard dog leg right Par 4. Longer hitters can get a ball ip close to the green
for an easy attack, and shorter hitters can get home in two easy with a prime tee shot down the
left side.

#8 is a beautiful 145 yard Par 3 with water along the green side left and front. Many people club
up to avoid sending a ball off the concrete retaining wall lining the hazard short. Once you get a
ball on the green you then have to deal with a two-tiered green.

#9 is a straightforward looking Par 4 until you get to the green. Once hitting your drive down the
299 yard long hole you are treated with a severely sloped green from back to front. Do not go
above the hole.

#10 is a short 280 yard Par 4 with trees lining the short hole and a bunker guarding the green
from anyone trying to drive it.

#11 is a longer Par 5 with a split fairway short of the hill. This hole will have you hitting your
second or third shot to a green surrounded by tall and towering pine trees. Staying left is the key
to have a good angle at this green.

Hole's #12-13 are newly added holes to Millstone.

#12 use to be a 135 yard Par 3. Now is a 362 yard dog leg right Par 4 with a fairway and green
surrounded by water.

#13 use to be a 362 yard 90 degree dog leg right. Now is a 165 yard Par 3 with water short and
long of the green.

The final three holes at Millstone Hills could be the toughest final holes around.

#16 is a scenic Island Green Par 3 at 145 yards. There is no room for error at 16. Many golf balls
have found the water or the roof of "Lincoln's Bridge."

#17 is a long Par 5 with trees right and out of bounds left. The second shot will have to navigate
over a pond to get to the green in two or a layup short. Take advantage of the flattest green on the

And the #1 Handicap hole #18.

A par 4 with pine trees right and out of bounds left will bring a challenge. If your tee shot fails to
get to the top of the hill, you are left with a blind shot over water to a two-tiered green. 

The last three holes at Millstone Hills will challenge golfers’ skills of all levels.

Millstone Hills is the proud home of the New London High School boys team.

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